John Wayne's teeth

Did you know that Chuck has a fetish for air ducts?

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Anonymous asked: Some people know the story of the Sasquatch. More people only know the name and a lot of (white) people are searching in the woods trying to find him. But what tribe started telling the story?


Numerous tribes tell Bigfoot stories. He’s a spiritual being.

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For all those feminists who think that people only hate feminism because they’re threatened that their male dominance is being taken away, wake up!

For all those feminists who think women who are anti feminist have internalized misogyny or are only seeking male approval, listen up!

For all those feminists who think women deserve to be heard and their opinions listened to, practice what you preach!

There are plenty of women on youtube speaking out against your hateful behavior, and what they have to say makes sense if you’d open your mind!!!

If you’re a woman and you’re against the current feminist movement in the West, then reblog this and show your support!  If you’re a man, reblog it anyway, because equality!  And if you’re a feminist, well shit, tell us why you think feminism is still relevant and isn’t just a cult of hateful bigots!

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